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Newcastle is the place to go for Stag or Hen do’s, here’s our list of the best Stag do ideas to enjoy in Newcastle Tyne!

Bubble football

Bubble Football is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. While wearing a Zorb-like inflatable bubble, players are encouraged to bounce, smash and crash into each other while fighting for possession of the ball the number 1 stag activity taking the country by storm! There is no room for fancy footwork, no footballing ability required, you simply bubble suit up and go through whatever is in front of you! There’s always plenty of mini games to do such as bubble bulldog, kings and of course last man standing which is exactly how it sounds. It has to be one of the most hilarious spectating sports as well but trying to describe what this it’s all about is difficult, you have to see it for yourself!


The old tradition of taking up arms and shooting the stag full of holes we thought would not be one for all….It turns out it is still one of the most popular stag activities, as much as stag tries to persuade the boys not to do this activity, there’s no hope and he ties the knot with pellet bruises all over him! This was one of the founding stag activities and has become a must when any a guy decides its time to settle down, his friends rally the troops for all those wanting a crack at the stag.

Go Karting

Go karting is one of the most popular activities for stags and what better way to have a send-off then going head to head with your mates to prove who the better driver is. Whether with friends, family or both, this is an ideal activity for all. Put you and your friends to the test by going toe to toe in a friendly competition. Go karting is one of the founding fathers of stag activities and still proves amazingly popular to this day. As kids we all loved Mario kart right? Watch as this guy takes go karting the next level Super Mario style! Don’t try this at home folks!


It’s time to go to war in the friendliest way possible to prove you’re the best warrior among your group. Take up your balls and prepare to duck, dodge and dive your way to victory with your mates. This school yard game gets better as you get older… Adrenaline pumping as you separate into two teams and wage war to find the ultimate dodgeball champion amongst your stag or eve hen group. Work as a team, develop a strategy and lead your team to victory! Stags and hens are particular interested in this awesome sport ever since “Dodgeball” the movie launched years ago, we have seen many Ben Stillers dressed up hailing “Globogym”!

Quad biking

Choose your vehicle, get your helmets on. Quad biking is the new go karting for the more extreme stags. Prepare to get dirty while you and the stag party fly up amazing hills and rocket down muddy slopes. This is more for the group filled with adrenaline junkies to gain the thrill of going at high speeds and engaging in an age old tradition of finding the best among their party. We all have that guy or girl who is awesome at driving go karts, but quad biking that’s a whole different skill set which keeps this fiery sport interesting for all groups.

Escape Room Challenge

It’s time for you and your friends to put your heads together. Can you figure out how to get out of the room in time? If you’re looking for a challenging and highly enjoyable activity to organise for your group then the Escape Room Challenge is perfect for you. These escape games have risen in numbers all over the country not just for stag and hen groups, but team building corporate events. Find the clues that lead you on your way to getting out of that room. One clue will lead to another which will lead to another until the solution is in your hands. It’s a great way for groups to start the weekend and get a real team bond going for you and your group.

Foot pool

Are you passionate about the beautiful game of football? Are you skilled at pool? Combine the two to make the unique game of Foot Pool. You and your friends step into a stand in pool table to see who can truly master both sports at once. This is the only time we would suggest a few cheeky drinks can be had while playing this sport. We have an awesome venue located in central Newcastle, a venue that ticks all the boxes…A BAR!. You’ll have a great time doing so and it’s also a great way to start your night out off. With a couple of drinks and the stand in table you’ll start to get competitive when you start this unique game.

Archery Tag

Fancy yourself the next Green Arrow? Grab your bows and your arrows it’s time for you and your mates to go to war. Every shot counts in this fast paced, skill based game. The game is either set up in teams, every man for themselves (all on all) or to make it brutal how about the group versus the stag. Groups have dodge those shots, restock their arrows from missed shots take aim and FIRE! This highly competitive activity will be enjoyable for everyone involved. Strategize with your team mates pick your targets carefully and lead you and your merry band to victory to become the next Robin Hood.

Rolly Polly Stripper hire

Rolly Polly stripper hire has become one of the most popular pre-embarrass the stag night out events, it’s the perfect way to shock the Stag into thinking…this is going to be a long night! Get the drinks in, sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll be thrilled with the selection that’s on offer. You and the lads will enjoy the premium and professional service that is provided. Get ready for a sexy and raunchy start to the night with plenty of laughs. This is a great way to show the stag what’s in store for him for the night or even the entire weekend. With a great selection of girls to choose from you and your group may find it a bit MORE than you can handle.

Clay pigeon shooting

We all have that friend who calls himself the expert marksmen, and then whenever the time comes to man up and walk the walk there’s always an excuse, well stag events is always a “no excuse” affair! Step up, take aim and don’t hit yourself in the face with the kick back, clay pigeon shooting still ranks highly among those adventurous stags do’s. This is one of the greatest ways to start a weekend away with the lads with one of the manliest activities you’re going to find. This can turn competitive when seeing how many targets each of you are able to shoot out the air. Keep your aim steady, line up your shot, fire when ready. We’ll find out who’s the man amongst men when it’s all over.


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