Craft Beer Tasting

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What does this offer include?


  • Craft Beer Tasting
  • Sampling 4/5 different craft beers
  • Must make own way to location
  • A wide range of selection
  • 90 minute session
  • Experience the attraction of this latest trend in craft beer
  • Sample different flavours with constant high quality
  • Fun and enjoyable master class providing in-depth knowledge about craft beers

Fine Print:

  • Subject to availability
  • Minimum of 10 people per group
  • Over 18’s only
  • No dress code

The Offer

Craft beer tasting is the fashionable and cutting edge way of sampling beer produced by independent microbrewers. During the 90 minute session you will be able to sample 4/5 different craft beers.


Plenty of selection to choose from and while you are sampling you will gain in depth knowledge into the art of crafting beer and why it is currently taking the world by storm.


Experience and appreciate the wide range of flavours in each batch. Craft beer is an up and coming industry so the best time to experience this is now. Craft and quality go hand in hand and craft beer brings the two worlds together in an interesting art form that is only going to expand in years to come.


Sample different flavours all held to the same high quality with each flavour being just as distinct and enjoyable as the next.


This is perfect for beer lovers looking to expand their palette and see just how varied beer can be.


At the end of it you’ll feel like a connoisseur of the craft beer community and ready to share your knowledge and experience with your friends and possibly your local pub residence.


Jump in now and be ahead of the trend.