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Looking to book a Stag do or Hen do in Newcastle then you have come to the right place! Nestagsandhens.co.uk arrange everything for you from your hotel, activities and nightlife with some of the best deals Newcastle has to offer! We help save you time and money as well as taking the stress out of arranging your Stag or Hen do so you can simply enjoy one of the best weekends of your life!

We have arranged thousands of Stag Do and Hen Do in Newcastle and every one of them has been a weekend never to forget! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the ability to adapt a weekend to your needs. If you don’t see something listed on our site that is no problem just tell us what you would like to do and we will be able to find the best thing for you.


There is no Stag or Hen do in Newcastle that hasn’t been a huge success! Newcastle really has it all for any type of group brave enough to venture North with tones of selections between activities, bars and nightclubs. Nestagsandhens.co.uk were created to help you choose the best activities to do and nightlife to enjoy in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Our local Geordies are experts at designing that unforgettable weekends for any Stag or Hen do whether you are looking for an adrenaline fuelled adventure or simply a fun relaxing weekend experiencing the sites that are on offer, we have it all! There are soo many things to do in Newcastle and finding the right thing for your group is at the top of the list for our team.


Here are some examples of the top things to do on a Stag Do in Newcastle or Hen Do in Newcastle.


Our first popular options below are sure to punish the Stag on his last night of freedom!


Bubble football


Bubble Football is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. While wearing a Zorb-like inflatable bubble, players are encouraged to bounce, smash and crash into each other while fighting for possession of the ball the number 1 stag activity taking the country by storm! There is no room for fancy footwork, no footballing ability required, you simply bubble suit up and go through whoever is in front of you! There’s always plenty of mini games to do such as bubble bulldog, kings and of course last man standing which is exactly how it sounds! It has to be one of the most hilarious spectating sports as well but trying to describe what this it’s all about is difficult, you have to try it for yourself!




The old tradition of taking up arms and shooting the stag full of holes we thought would not be one for all….It turns out it is still one of the most popular stag activities, as much as stag tries to persuade the boys not to do this activity, there’s no hope and he ties the knot with pellet bruises all over him! This was one of the founding stag activities and has become a must when any a guy decides it’s time to settle down, it’s time to rally the troops and have a crack at the stag.


Go Karting


Go karting is one of the most popular activities for stags and what better way to have a send-off then going head to head with your mates to prove who the better driver is. Whether with friends, family or both, this is an ideal activity for all. Put you and your friends to the test by going toe to toe in a friendly competition. Go karting is one of the founding fathers of stag activities and still proves amazingly popular to this day.


For the Hen it’s time to relax or blush with some of our most popular choices below:


Nude Life Drawing


Where this idea came from I don’t know but it is proving to be the one of the most popular Hen activities around! Get you and the girls together and find your inner artist. You’ll be studying a hunky nude male model and from there you let the pencil and paper take over. You’ll have lots to talk about afterwards and you’ll begin comparing each other’s “attention to detail” and if you want to make it into a little bit of a competition between you and the girls that’s fine by us. It’s a great way to start your weekend or a great activity to enjoy during the day before your night out on the town. Let’s find out who amongst you have the eye of the artist.


Cocktail Making


With Newcastle becoming pretty much the stag and hen capital of the world with our hundreds of bars, nightclubs and all types of drinks to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, it was only natural creating your own cocktail was next. With numerous classy bars to choose from with stylish decors and top end friendly service, Cocktail Making is the most popular hen activity in Newcastle. Of course there’s always the option to add that extra “mmm” to the class with the option of a hunky naked butler serving all the drinks. The choice is all down to you girls!


Spa Day


Start or end your weekend with the ultimate in relaxation by organising a spa day for you and the ladies to enjoy. It’s a great way to relax before your night out or a great way to unwind after a night out on the town. You’ll be fully relaxed by the end after you’ve experienced the relaxation of the spa and the facilities that are on hand for you and the group to enjoy. Take a massage or try some treatments on your hair or a facial for the ultimate in relaxation.
How can you say no to being pampered and being put into a relaxed state and Newcastle has plenty of them.


We are only one call away from booking your amazing weekend just get in touch as we are happy to help!