Man Vs Food Challenge

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What does this offer include?


  • Man Vs Food Challenge
  • Large options available 
  • Choose from a huge range of man vs food offers. 
  • 60 minute to complete

Fine Print:

  • Subject to availability
  • No dress code
  • Vegan meal option available - Vegan requests to be known on booking and 2 weeks cancellation policy to be followed rigorously.

The Offer

A burger as big as a bar stool, a parade of pulled pork or a dozen drumsticks. Are you ready to break out into meat sweats in the ultimate Man Vs Food Stag Party? This is the perfect opportunity to challenge the stag and make him prove he can handle this carnivorous chaos!


Put your whole group to the test with the ultmate ladish activity in NEwcastle upon Tyne. Who can finish? Who can keep it all down and who finishes early! That can all be answered and is the perfect stag activity before your night out! 


With a wide range of food challenges available simply get in touch whether you want to go got the burger challenges, steak challenges or others. 


You’ll be thankful for such a big meal before your night out and with so much on your stomach you’ll be lasting longer than you thought you ever could.


Prove your metal with these monstrous challenges which will line your stomach for the night you have ahead whether that be going home to sweat out the meat or going for a night out afterwards you’ll be prepared regardless.


After this experience every meal afterward will pale in comparison.


Are you up to the challenge?!